Our new internationally recognised fitness courses mean that you can become an internationally certified instructor teaching Exercise to Music, Gym Instruction, or Personal Training.

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All courses are approximately 16 weeks long, ending in June 2018

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About 2018 Courses

This Level 3 course aims to develop learners with existing knowledge and skills in gym instruction who would like to develop their skills and knowledge to pursue a career in personal training. A Level 2 qualification or equivalent is a pre-requisite for this course.


  • To provide learners with the knowledge of anatomy and physiology, functional kinesiology and concepts and components of fitness. 
  • To provide learners with the knowledge and skills to successfully gather and analyse client information using the most accepted techniques. 


Level 2


  • To develop learner’s knowledge of anatomy and physiology and how it relates to exercise and fitness. 
  • To develop learner’s ability to plan and deliver safe and effective gym/exercise to music sessions. 
  • To provide learners with the knowledge to develop good customer service and the personal qualities required by the exercise and fitness industry. To provide learners with an awareness of health and safety in an exercise and fitness environment. 
  • To provide learners with the opportunity to progress to further qualifications in the exercise and fitness industry.

Exercise To Music 

Level 2

  • To provide learners with the knowledge and skills to assess a client's current health and fitness status. 
  • To provide learners with the knowledge and skills to be able to plan and conduct a physical activity session, within a variety of environments using multiple resources. 
  • To provide learners with the knowledge and skills to perform a client consultation using the most accepted methods and providing strategies for successful behaviour change. 
  • To provide learners with the knowledge and skills to be able to communicate effectively to build successful relationships with their clients and other health care professionals. 
  • To provide learners with the knowledge to be able to prepare for employment or to set up in business on a self-employed basis.
  • To provide learners with the knowledge and skills to be able to manage, evaluate and improve own performance. 
  • To provide learners with the knowledge to be able to offer nutritional advice for physical activity based on clients' needs.

Personal Training 

Level 3

These Level 2 courses aim to train all learners to a professionally competent level enabling them to prescribe, plan and deliver safe and effective programmes either in a gym environment (Gym Level 2), in a studio environment (Exercise to Music Level 2) or to develop the skills of knowledgeable Level 2 instructors in order to pursue a career as a personal trainer.  

About The Instructors

Gillian Grech & Celine Fenech Adami

Celine & Gillian have been involved in the fitness industry for 20 years and are currently still actively working at top local health clubs teaching a variety of fitness classes as well as personal training their clients. Their qualifications include exercise to music (R.S.A; UK); Gym level 3 (OCR, UK); Personal training level 3 (OCR, UK); Diploma in sports & leisure studies (University of Malta). They are also qualified course tutors and assessors. Celine & Gillian have been teaching fitness courses since 2008 and have guided and trained over 150 students to international standards

Jessica Ghigo is a licensed pharmacist, qualified Nutritionist, certified personal trainer by ISSA (International sports sciences association), and OCR (Oxford, Cambridge & Royal society of Arts) exercise to music instructor. She competed in NABBA (National amateur body building Association), Malta and NABBA Universe in 2008 and 2009, and IFBB (International Federation of Body building) Malta National championship in 2011. In the meantime she went back to University of Malta and continued her studies obtaining her Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics. Nowadays Jessica teaches classes and does personal training in her own studio and in various fitness centres while pursuing her career as a Nutritionist.

Jessica Ghigo -  Consultant Nutritionist

What past students are saying

Gillian and Celine - Professional approach, always supportive and ready to help you out during your studies. Looking forward to sit for the Personal Training course in February next year. Great experience!! 

Duncan Abdilla

I've recently completed the Level 2 Gym instructor course with and have been completely satisfied with the standard of training and assessment given. Both tutors, namely Gillian and Celine have been simply outstanding throughout the entire course. The manuals and learning material were of high quality. Would definitely recommend this course to anyone who would like to pursue a career in the fitness industry!

Christopher Calleja

The tutors are so helpful and supportive that they felt more like friends by the end of the course! There is a large amount of information to get through but the tutors do a great job of teaching it efficiently in a short period of time. There was a good mixture of both theory and practical work. After my experience I highly recommend them as a company to complete any fitness qualifications.

Etienne Ghigo

Contact us today on 99474638 or 99427625 | email -

We are now accepting applications for the next batch of courses which will commence on the 20th February 2018 (Level 2) and 22nd February 2018 (Level3) 

We offer courses in the following: Level 2 Aerobic instructor course/exercise to music, Level 2 Gym instructor course and Level 3 personal trainer course. If this is your first course in fitness, you will have to start by sitting one of the level 2 courses, either in gym instruction or aerobic instruction before sitting for the personal trainer course which is a level 3 course.

Therefore, unless you hold a recognised certification in a level 2 course, you will have to acquire this before applying for the level 3 in personal training. No pre-requisite is required to sit the level 2 courses, but experience in the gym or attending fitness classes will benefit all students. 

All courses run for approximately 16 weeks. 

All theory sessions will be held at Hilton Business Centre on the following days: 

Gym & Exercise to Music Level 2 – every Tuesday from 17:00 till 20:00 

Personal training level 3 – every Thursday from 17:00 till 20:00 

Practical sessions will be held on the following days: 

Gym practical level 2 – every other Saturday at Living Well Gym – Hilton from 15:00 till 17:00 

Exercise To Music practical level 2 – every Saturday at Cynergi Health & Fitness Center - from 10.30 till 13.30 

Personal training level 3 every other Saturday from 15:00 till 17:00 at Living Well Gym - Hilton. 

Further information will be provided on the 6th February 2018 during an evening information session which will be held for all those interested in the courses. There will be a power point presentation explaining the structure of the courses as well as the opportunity to ask any questions about the course. Contact us on to book your space.

You will need to sit for 2 theory examinations as well as a practical assessment. Unlike other courses, we offer extensive practical sessions as part of the course and therefore, although you are required to practice on your own, the course does not oblige you to officially spend a stipulated number of hours actually working in a gym. If you have the opportunity to do this, it would be beneficial for you, but you will be taught proper technique on all gym equipment during the practical sessions of the course. You will also be required to prepare a gym session for a particular participant and therefore you will need to practice with this participant prior to your practical examination. This will apply if you are sitting for the gym course. The examiners will be in Malta from the UK some time in June/July to hold your practical exam. All our courses lead to certification and are recognised internationally. Successful students are also eligible to apply to have their name on eREPs (register of exercise professionals) Which is a European register of qualified professionals in the fitness field. The exercise to music course will qualify you to teach fitness classes and the gym instructor course, to work in a gym as a qualified gym instructor. Should you wish to apply for either of these courses, you may download the application form from this site and contact us via e-mail for prices and payment options. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us or checkout our web page or our Facebook page

Additional info and terms:

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